Drentsoft Screen Flasher

This is a small web app for flashing your screen to simulate watching a film. Run this on a TV screen and it'll flash with white, black and blue to simulate the changing images of a movie at a random interval. Why not just watch a film? You aren't guaranteed the same level of brightness and darkness variation.

Disclaimer: Obviously this application contains flashing images. Its sole purpose is to generate flashing lights! Please don't use if you are prone to photosensitive episodes.

The number below is in milliseconds and specifies the maximum delay between flashes. There are obviously 1000 milliseconds in a second.

To start click the start button. To pause select a blank space on the page and press space. If you find this window pops up and closes again it's because the button is still focused, just click anywhere else in the page.

NB: Works best in fullscreen mode. Most browsers use F11 for this functionality (remember to hide fixed add on bars for best effect).

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