Drentsoft Blender Console Launcher Faster Blender Rendering Without All the Typing

What is Drentsoft Blender Console Launcher?

Drentsoft Blender Console Launcher is a Java UI based application for quickly launching the popular open-source 3D package Blender from the command line, enabling quicker rendering without all the typing.

Why Drentsoft Blender Console Launcher?

Running apps from the command-line can involve a butt ton of typing and one little typo can cause much anguish with trying to correct it. Drentsoft Blender Console Launcher is designed to quickly take the hassle out of running Blender from the command line for smaller projects and studios who don't need or want to use the network rendering plugin.

Why a Java Client?

There are a couple of reasons. The first is I'm more comfortable with Java than with Python. Second, in my testing I found that I could not launch an instance of Blender from itself then close the first instance without it also closing the second instance. This does not apply with launching a Java application from within Python.

Disclaimers etc

This application comes with no warranty at all. That said it is rather simple and has been tested quite thoroughly both by the developer and a professional tester and any bugs or quirks should not cause major problems in a production pipeline.


Drentsoft Blender Console Launcher has no official license at the moment, you can download, redistribute and use the application as you like provided you give credit to the original developer and do not charge for redistributed copies. Currently this application is NOT open-source but if there's enough demand and/or it's required


Please download the Java App

Future plans

  1. A Blender add-on that will quickly launch the Java app, pre-populated with the current file's settings then close Blender ready to be relaunched in the more render-friendly no-UI mode
      Current status:
    • The Java app is more or less set up for this. I just need to learn how to add a button to the render panel in Blender.

Known Bugs

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