This is my Raspberry Pi

About My Pi

This is a Raspberry Pi development server owned by Derwent Ready. I use this to develop various desktop applications, games and web projects.

This also doubles as a place where I host all my non-business/fun projects but due to the developmental nature of the site no functionality is guaranteed and all software/web pages are provided as-is with no warranty.

This server runs on Hiawatha.

If you'd like to know how to setup a home-based web accessible server using Linux/a Raspberry Pi I'll soon be doing a blog post on how to install Hiawatha on a Raspberry Pi.

This server also runs on Cherokee.

If you're looking to start an actual website consider hosting it with Hawk Host. They have been my hosting company since about 2009 and they're pretty good. It's not unlimited hosting but the limits are generous and the pricing is good.

Pi Count: 14

Raspbmc256 - June 2012

My original 256mb Model B Pi. Was the original Drentsoft Development server but was replaced by GimliPi. Became the original TronicsPi but was stolen as a Raspbmc media centre.

GimliPi - Sept 2012

The Drentsoft Development server

Raspbmc512 (Formerly GloinPi)

An XBMC media centre Pi. It was originally destined to be a database server to test having database and web servers on separate computers but... things happened...


The Drentsoft electronics experimentation Pi


The Drentsoft electronics experimentation Pi... with a Plus! Yeah I bought it just so I could say I have one, now it's my secondary "projects" Pi :)


Bought to replace TronicsPiB+ on a rover project to free up the more impressive B+ for other more intensive applications.

GimpliPi2 - Feb 2015

A Raspberry Pi 2 Model B bought to replace GimliPi for more serious development work. It couldn't have come at a better time I had just considered replacing GimliPi with an Intel NUC device costing a fair amount more and using quite a lot more power.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - Unnamed

Undecided what to do with this yet.

Pi Zero - Dec 2015

A Raspberry Pi Zero that I bought because at this point I might as well complete the collection. I'm not QUITE sure what to do with this one. I'm thinking of using it to power a magic mirror or a tiny robot.

Pi 3 - 01 March 2016

The latest GimliPi. I hope it's more stable than GimliPi2. I'm considering getting another for playing with the built-in Bluetooth and Wifi support.

Tiny Pi B - May 2016

Another Raspbery Pi Zero that's become the camera streaming server for my 3D Printer.

MycroftPi - September 2016

A Raspberry Pi 3 I bought specifically to make a Mycroft AI.

Raspberry Pi 3B+ - ABOX Starter Kit - Jan 2019

Bought to upgrade the server. There was a deal on the ABOX Starter kit and I wanted to see what it was like.

Pi 4

Bought at release to replace the server Pi but as of writing, upgrade hasn't happened due to heat issues and the different Raspbian versions required to run the Pi 4.

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